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Updated My Stuff

I have a My Stuff page linked from my About page that lists some of my favorite software and my hardware setup. I updated it today to add Dash and Workflow. Also added, the 27-inch Retina iMac I upgraded to in November.

Split Screen

I've had my iMac 5K for a week now. I still haven't written up anything about it or how it compares to my Mac Pro purchases of the past. But this is also the first time that I have had two systems set up at my desk, with two displays sitting side by side.

While I set up my new system, I have the old display, an Asus 24" 1080p model, sitting to the left of my big, giant, huge iMac. At first I was using Synergy, but as great as it sounds, it was rather flaky. So, next I tried actually connecting the Asus to my iMac and using Yosemite's built-in Screen Sharing, which was much better. But still, a little rough around the edge. So I gave Screens a go. Now, remember, I'm not trying to access my systems from afar, or even the other room, so my expectations are not the same as others may have for Screens. As a side-by-side, it was nice, but not worth the money.

Next! Jump Desktop. What an ugly icon. But everything else is nice for my situation. It's a 14-day trial and by the time my trial is up I won't be needing it any more as my Mac Pro (early 2009) will be making its way to my daughter's room for the kids all to share. Yeah, my daughter will have a Mac Pro. My kid-self is extremely jealous.

Here's my iMac 5K setup, as ordered. I did change out the RAM for 32GB, of course.

My iMac Retina 5K