Casual Hex

Uncertain about goals, impulsive in online activities.

Ghost vs Pelican Decision Made

I think I've gotten Ghost out of my system. It's nice, very nice, in certain areas. It's easy to use, that's for sure. But the more I play with Pelican, the more I see that I can do more with Pelican than I can with Ghost. Neither come in pretty little packages ready to go, with all the niceties a person could want. I'm fine with that. The difference is that I find it easier to add what I want to Pelican and make it do what I want, how I want. With Ghost, I'm fighting every step of the way to figure out how to do something. Not cool. It may simply be that Pelican fits the way my brain is wired better.

With Pelican, I'm using Semantic UI for the layout and style. I'm rather new to the idea of all the stuff that goes into fancy frameworks. I'm used to writing everything line by line in a text editor. But this whole Node, Gulp, building with variables thing… it's quite fascinating.

Docker With Kitematic

I'm in way over my head with Docker, but thanks to Homebrew and Kitematic I was able to get a local Docker image of Ghost set up and going within minutes. I like the experience I have with it for Ghost much more so than installing ghost, nginx, node.js, whatever, and so on, locally off my home directory. It also seems to offer a snappier response than Bitnami's ghost package. Whatever the case, I'm quite pleased with myself for getting everything working, even if it was super simple.

docker container in kitematic