Casual Hex

Uncertain about goals, impulsive in online activities.


My name is Geoff Taylor, and Casual Hex is my personal site. What you find here is what interests me, leaning heavily towards tech geekery. It is my own little geekenstein. Borrowing from my Twitter profile- love my wife, my kids, my Mac, my coffee and my PS3.

Twitter: @geoff

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Old fashioned e-mail: geoff at casualhex dot com

Stuff I Use

I'm always curious about what others use and if you're the same, here's my setup. I'm a Mac and iOS guy these days, just so ya know.

My Internet History

I've had a site or two of one sort or the other since I first put something online in 1994. Back then it was just about having something, anything, online. I ended up with a Windows 95 information site– called "Route 95". It was mentioned in a few computer magazines and Microsoft invited me to be a part of their ClubIE and ClubWin groups. Not a huge deal, looking back, but it was big to young, twenty-something me at the time. It meant free copies of Windows, a nifty leather jacket, and a wheel mouse (friends laughed at it, now everyone uses one). I still have the first few Internet Explorer floppy disks that were sent out to testers. Sadly, a quick search for archives of these old sites turned up nada.

Later, I had a Game Boy news site which ran for a few years. It was first located on a local service provider, like Route 95, before moving on to it's own domain. I did find my old Game Boy stuff archived. What started as a hobby to collect what little Game Boy information I could find scattered about online into a single directory boomed into a Sorta Big Deal when Nintendo announced the Game Boy Color less than a week after I published my site. And Pokèmon. Can't forget the Pokèmon. Running that site got me into E3 for three years, where I got to meet all sorts of people in the video game industry. The fun didn't last forever though. The site depended on advertising for income and the 21st century internet bubble burst dragged us down pretty quickly. Lots of good memories associated with the site.

After that I started up Casual Hex in 2003. I bounced around through many different blogging platforms, notibly MovableType as seen here and here. Later I switched to Wordpress– with the default theme, and finally, my first self-built theme. That lastest until my wife and I had our first child. I didn't plan on quitting, it just happened. Our second child was born a year later and by that point I thought I probably wouldn't have a personal site up ever again.

The kiddos are older now, and I'm back, with a small sampling of free time again. Time to kick the tires and see what she's got.